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03 January 2009 @ 01:38 am
Death is written across her face
In her mind, thoughts run wild
Almost like pleasure, it burns across her arm
Nirvana, here she comes.

Silly goat
Tied to her funny ways
Enjoys rolling
Pinballing everyone in
Her way

My cruel lover, you’re so heartless
You don’t know how my heart aches for you
What a ruthless soul you have for you salt my wounds
What can I say? Who do I say it to?

You always were far yet so near
Now you’re near, but you stay so far
Come close, don’t haunt me, please heed my words
What can I say? Where do I say it from?

Don’t torment me or I shall curse you
You’ve killed me a thousand times already,
Just ruin me one more time by looking through me
What can I say? When do I say it at?

You stab me with words then ask if I’m alive
Carelessly you poison me with your toxic scent
Please don’t burn me again with your delicately soft touch
What can I say? How will I say it?

The change of weather once came to me
Dark clouds were cast across the sky
Silence loomed over
A zephyr arrived to kill a spark

This longing I never let extinguish
This fire that I will never allow to die
This flame of my love on a candle of time
Every inch of my skin melts
As the wax burns and drips away
My heart waits for your arrival, agitatedly

Distance took you away
And hurt me with separation
My eyes yearned day and night
But there you were
Gleaming, glittering, glowing
Awash in joys, while here I burned

Once again, the clouds are here
Raining in a thunderous rhapsody
Tempest strikes again
But my flame will never be doused

They say I’m crazy
They say I’m naïve
They say a gust will come
They say this light will perish
They say you won’t come
They say this love will dissolve

This passion I never let die
This blaze that I will never allow to extinguish
This flame of my love on a candle of time
I believe it will be kept afire
Oh my love, come back to me
My heart waits for your arrival patiently